My future.
I think I’ll still be doing what I like. 

Well… that includes fishing too, but I like drawing and making things, so it would make me happy if I’m still doing that 10 years later, 20 years later, and even 30 years later.

As long as I value the present and cherish each day, I think the future will surely be a wonderful one.Therefore, I’m going to cherish each day and continue doing what I like, and turn the future into an amazing work of art.

And then, Arashi’s future.
MatsuJun, Aiba-chan, Sho-chan, Nino.
Let’s smile at all times, no matter when. 
Let’s pull through as a group, no matter what comes our way. 
And, in the future that lies ahead, let’s stay together as five forever. 

-Ohno Satoshi’s letter, 24jikan terebi